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HGTV Caribbean Life Vieques !

NEW SHOWS !!!! Links to Houses seen…

Posted 03/14/2016 | in Buyers' Resources, News

Monte Carmelo/Title Registration/Rights of Possession

Title registration may soon be attainable, but not necessarily in a way that is synonymous with the interest of certain individuals who currently benefit from rights of possession… Please take a look at the information provided in this blog & if you are in possession of real estate in Monte Carmelo we suggest you keep […]

Posted 02/03/2016 | in News

Tax Incentives…

Law 20 and 22….HUGE tax savings for certain investments in Puerto Rico

Posted 01/30/2016 | in Buyers' Resources, News

Monte Carmelo titles…

For an update

Posted 10/23/2015 | in Buyers' Resources, News, Sellers' Resources

Possession 9/10 of the Law ?

A reminder to folks holding possession¬†rights to land in MC…

Posted 06/11/2015 | in News

Culebra 5 Acre Parcel For Sale !

¬† Stunning, private access to beach…


  This is a great link to show off Isla Nena….