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12/27/21 & 12/30/21 Covid-19 Executive Order

Posted 12/21/2021 | in News

The Governor of Puerto Rico has issued an Executive order effective December 27, 2021 until further notice.

(Another new EO 2021-085 attached at end.)

  1. Every person, vaccinated or not vaccinated, who travels to Puerto Rico by domestic flight must present a negative Covid-19 test carried out at least 48 hours before arriving on the island.
  2. Those who arrive without the negative test will have 48 hours to take it or will be fined.
  3. Unvaccinated travelers arriving on domestic flights must remain in quarantine for 7 days, regardless of whether they arrive with or without a negative Covid-19 test.
  4. All restaurants, bars and all establishments of consumption of food and drink must require evidence of vaccination or negative test carried out within 48 hours.

Masks are still mandatory in all public places. Be prepared to show vaccination cards everywhere.

“Our House, Our Rules.”

Remember that Vieques does not have a functioning hospital. Any serious illness will require immediate evacuation from the island to a main island hospital.


effective 12/30/21:

Executive Order 2021-085 Establishes that as of December 30, the places where people remove their masks to consume food and beverages will reduce their capacity by 50% if it is indoors and 75% if it is outdoors. This includes: • Restaurants • Food courts • Cafeterias • Bars • Cafetines • Chinchorros • Sports bar • Cinemas • Community or activity centers • Coliseums • Theaters • Any other place that serves drinks or prepared meals ERTO DEPARTAMENTO DE SALUD ICO

Last Updated 12/27/21