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Beach Quest…

Posted 04/23/2011 | Tagged , , , in News

Beach Quest

Caribbean Travel + Life – April 2011

One man, one week, one goal. Find the ultimate strand among the trove of gorgeous beaches on Vieques and Culebra…

“Starting at Playa Grande, I work my way east, hitting Sun Bay, Media Luna and Navio in succession. The squall lessens, then fortuitously clears up completely, allowing me to explore each strand. Playa Grande is long and straight, with course honey-colored sand; Sun Bay offers bathtub-calm water and a cluster of paso fino horses mowing through the grass that encloses the beach. Following a dirt road from the latter strand, I indulge my bare feet in a walk on talcum-soft sand at the aptly named half-moon of Media Luna, then circle arountd to Navio, where I find no expats (or anybody else for that matter) but pearlescent sand and waves ideal for body surfing.”


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