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Bodes very well for the Real Estate Market in Vieques!

Wasn’t easy, but we got it done! Contracted in August and closing delayed by Hurricanes….banks and insurance companies got nervous….BUT- my Seller stepped up and made the few repairs required and the appraiser passed it with flying colors and WE CLOSED FULL CONTRACTED PRICE! $720,000. YES!!! Fembi Mortgage. Hard working Lawrence Johnson! Nice Job!

Our read on this is that we will NOT experience a drop in prices(or value) post storms. Some reductions may be made for repairs needed, but that’s about it.  We do have another pending sale where that is the case agreed on by buyers and sellers. Fair enough!

Prices are still at recession level as we were just still climbing out last season which was a gangbuster season. SO- we encourage those who have that dream, to come on down! Let’s do some business!!!

Last Updated 01/28/18