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Posted 03/11/2022 | in News

6/16/22 – COVID is still on Vieques. Daily, residents are contracting the different variants of this virus. Many on the island still wear masks in stores and in public. Be prepared to follow the rules for each individual business. For the most part, many residents are still wearing masks at “take away” food establishments and grocery stores. Note that some restaurant hours may vary because of short staffing in addition to COVID exposure quarantine protocol. Have patience, be safe and all will be swell! 🙂 


As of 3/10/22, the Governor of Puerto Rico has lifted the mask mandate. However, masks will still be required in doctor offices, hospitals, pharmacies and may be required by certain other places and businesses; including public transportation. For gatherings 1000 or more, there are new requirements as well. 

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Last Updated 06/16/22

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