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Island progress!!

Hope Rainbow

Things ARE getting better…
having been thru the whole ordeal, sometimes it’s hard to see…BUT- we are feeling like it’s time to be more hopeful!! Electric power, although coming from our huge island generator, is spreading. New poles are going up and Esperanza should have power very soon. Many of the restaurants on the Malecon are open and the shops and tour guides are beginning to operate again. Town is buzzing and much is open for biz as usual, or unusual 🙂

The guest houses remain better set up to accommodate tourists until our houses get power back, unless the adventurous traveler is ok glamping a bit. We are putting together a list of the units that do have power, or a live on property owner who has a generator. El Rizo del Mar is one of those, and that pool will be refilled soon!

The Gas situation seems to have stabilized and food stocks much better including 2x/week Farmers Mkt back fully supplied! Many of the road side stands are operational and fabulous as always.

Playa Caracas has opened and some of the others on the Reserve should open soon. Sun Bay and Media Luna are in good shape. Black Sand Beach is fully accessible. Playa Gaillito and Bastimento are fine. Snorkeling spots certainly coming back strong. The Pier turtles are there and Star Fish out at Mosquito.

Soooooooooooooo…if you are ready to come, pls contact us, and we’ll work with you to set you up one way or another. We certainly need support in a number of ways. If you’d like to volunteer for a day or two, we can direct you as well for that. And Thank you.

On the Real estate side of things, our long term rentals are picking up again(welcome!)and Gustavo just did a commercial lease with Todo La Casa across the street from former location. We have 3 closings coming up! Hearty wonderful sellers and buyers who have extended themselves with patience and compromise. We do not see a drop in prices at this point, but we’ll see how the next few months go. Vieques will be fully back within a few mos, so we think the market will stay strong.

Thank you to all our Rainbow clients and friends and supporters; buyers and renters…we will continue to work hard for you and us.

Last Updated 01/10/18