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Posted 01/16/2010 | Tagged , , , in News

After months of intense negotiation with the Dept. of Education, we have secured a classroom for the expansion of the Vieques Montessori project. We will begin work on the building at the Adrienne Serrano School this weekend & expect to be able to commence class on the 15th of February.  Parents & students are eager to begin & so is our staff.

The students, our Montessori guide Lisha Tirado, my wife Wanda and I are all personally very grateful for Sheila’s fund raising efforts and for the material support you have all provided.


Please see photos attached below of our current classroom at the Juanita Rivera Albert School in Esperanza (for kids ages 3-5) & the classroom provided (for ages 6-9) that will now be remodeled into a proper Montessori environment.

Best regards,

Gustavo Marin


Soon to be Casa Montessori de Vieques at the Adrienne Serrano, for ages 6-9.

On Jun 27, 2009, at 10:31 AM, Sheila Levin wrote:


Hope you are having a terrific summer.

The Montessori School in Vieques needs to raise some

money.  Altogether they need $10,000.  If we all

contribute $250.00 (tax deductible) dollars, we can meet

that goal without another pig roast or auction.  Plus we

get to feel pretty good about helping the children of


I’m certain I don’t need to hype the Montessori School.

Gustavo Marin who founded the school in Vieques wrote

the information below.  Please take a moment to write a

check for $250.00 to Casa Montessori de Vieques and mail

it to :

Casa Montessori de Vieques

P. O. Box 1578

Vieques, P. R. 00765-1578

I am happy to make a pledge of $500.00.

Your contribution is tax deductible and 100% of it goes

to the school. There are no administrative costs taken

out so you can be assured that your gift will benefit

the children directly.

Please drop me a email to say you’ve made a contribution

and you’re not mad at me.

Thanks so much,

Sheila Levin


The Montessori School in Vieques

Casa Montessori de Vieques, the first Montessori school project to be established in Vieques Island, would like to share with you our goals, needs, intent and progress.

Casa Montessori De Vieques was born out of a dire need to establish an alternative and successful schooling system in Vieques.

The Montessori method offers such an opportunity.  Its vision of education is that of preparation for life.  The child receives the tools needed to develop inner

resources.  It fosters a childs innate creativity and natural desire for learning.  The principles that guide Montessori are based in the natural, individual development of a child.

As of January 2007 CMV has provided a Montessori bi-lingual education to twenty children, from the ages of 3-6.  Our Montessori Method trained instructor, Mrs.

Carmen Ledee, currently teaches a class of sixteen students.

We are located in the Esperanza neighborhood, within the premises of the Juanita Rivera Albert Elementary School.

Throughout our community word has spread of the advantages and benefits of a Montessori education.  As of today, we have a waiting list of Twenty-nine students.

CMV is currently training our future new Montessori instructor, Mrs., Lisha Tirado, in order to welcome our expanding list of children.

Our staff believes that it is the disadvantaged children that would benefit the most, if allowed access to good education.  Our aim is to provide this opportunity to every boy and girl.

We are appealing, for financial support, to those who have an interest in the betterment of our community.

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