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UPDATED 5/20/21 – COVID-19 Governor’s Executive Order

Posted 05/20/2021 | Tagged , , in News, Travel Tips, Vacationers' Resources

New Executive Orders:

Amendment to the EXECUTIVE ORDER

Then the following changes:

1. The curfew imposed on March 15, 2020 is eliminated, as it is no longer justified.

2. The restriction of crowds is maintained and physical distancing is required, as well as the use of a mask in all public establishments.

3. Face-to-face work is required in government operations as long as it is feasible and the 30% occupancy restriction of the government facility is eliminated when it receives public.

4. Commercial establishments, including restaurants, may operate from 5:00 a.m. at 12 midnight. Medical entities, pharmacies, hospitals, religious services, gas stations and food services in hotels and inns are excluded from this restriction.

5. Private operations, such as manufacturing or industries that do not serve the public, may operate without limitation of hours.

6. The occupancy of the capacity of the establishments, including restaurants, theaters, amphitheatres and cinemas, is increased to 50 percent. The rules of physical distance of 6 feet or more, the use of disinfectant and the use of a mask are still required to be observed.

7. The opening of coliseums is authorized, but with a maximum occupancy of 30% of the capacity of the facility and a negative test is required from the attendees, except if they are fully vaccinated.

8. Social activities must comply with the occupancy limits of the capacity of the establishments. Attendees must present a negative viral test (PCR or antigen) unless they are fully vaccinated. People who prove they are vaccinated and children under 2 years of age are exempt from having to be tested.

9. Authorization of summer camps is delegated subject to compliance with the protocol that must be carried out and published by the Sports and Recreation Department in coordination with the Health Department.

10. The requirement of a mask for vaccinated people on beaches, parks and when they are exercising is eliminated.

11. The prohibition of the consumption of alcoholic beverages on beaches and swimming pools is eliminated.

12. The maximum occupancy of the capacity in the pools is increased to 50%.

13. The anchorage on the beaches, keys and islets will be 100 feet from the shore.

14. The reference that the Tourism Company can only promote domestic tourism is eliminated.

15. The limitation of elective surgeries that require intensive care is eliminated.

16. The ban on valet parking is eliminated.

In addition, we are amending the Travelers Order to exempt persons who can prove that they are fully vaccinated from the requirement of PCR testing to travel to Puerto Rico from domestic destinations. For international destinations, the PCR test is still required.



Current COVID-19 Restrictions effective April 9. 2021: 

🔓 Sunday is no longer a “lock down” day. The “dry law” has been eliminated on the weekends

Curfew 10pm – 5am

😷 Masks covering mouth & nose, as well as social distancing, are required in public

🏖️ Beaches, pools & bodies of water (rivers, lakes, etc.) are open without restrictions. Only small groups of people from the same family permitted on beaches, etc. Social distance of 10 feet required between groups on beaches, etc. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited on beaches, etc.

🛒 Stores, businesses & banks may be open until 9pm at 30% capacity

🍽️ Restaurants may be open until 9pm at 50% capacity

🏋 Gyms are permitted to be open at 30% capacity

🍿 Casinos & movie theaters are permitted to be open at 50% occupancy

Use of motorized watercraft is permitted. Marinas are permitted to be open. Individual watercraft – kayaks, stand-up paddleboard (SUP), and jet skis – are permitted

🍺 Chinchorros & sports bars are permitted to be open. Clubs, bars, and coffee bars must remain closed

⛴️ Tourists are permitted on the ferry to Culebra and tourists are allowed on the ferry to Vieques (30% of tickets reserved.) 

The Executive Order is for any VISITORS. (Any non residents, that includes Puerto Rican)

This is what it says the summary from the municipality office and after I read it, confirms that is for visitors.

– – “The Mayor of the Municipality of Vieques, Hon. José A. Corcino Acevedo, notifies about his Executive Order # 1 It consists of the modification to the current Executive Order and that responds to everyone’s concern that visitors to our Island of Vieques are healthy from COVID-19 and can demonstrate it through a certificate with no more than 72 hours of such completion and as required to enter the International Airport. In this Executive Order, the Maritime Transportation Authority (ATM) is authorized to sell tickets up to 30% of the capacity of the vessels to visitors, when they present a negative proof which they must present at the time of purchasing the ticket. It is important to note that 40% of the Viequense population were successfully vaccinated and we continue to take steps to ensure that others can be vaccinated. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions for the Mayor’s Office, do not hesitate to communicate through the necessary channels, including: through the official Facebook page, by calling the Mayor’s Office (787) 741-5000 or by email: “- –

🚌 AMA buses & Tren Urbano will operate with COVID restrictions

🌳 El Yunque National Forest is open, but reservations are required for entry (available at

⚠️ All travelers arriving in Puerto Rico are required to submit a travel declaration with contact tracing info, & proof of a negative COVID-19 molecular-based (PCR) test.

Thank you,

The Rainbow Team

Last Updated 05/20/21