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COVID-19 NEW Order

Posted 05/20/2021 | Tagged , , in News, Travel Tips, Vacationers' Resources

NOTE CHANGES (starting 10/15/21- no more dry law or closing times, until then closure 12mn-5am)! Current COVID-19 Restrictions (updated 12 Oct 2021) —
⚠️ Executive order EO-2021-063 are new rules for restaurants, bars, casinos, theaters, activities etc- almost everything except supermarkets. Went into effect 8/23/21. You must show proof of vaccination, a negative test (taken within 72 hours of arriving to the facility/activity), or proof you had the virus and are now clear of the disease or you will not be allowed into facility. (Or the business can decide not to do this, but they will have to reduce occupancy to 50%).
⚠️ Executive order EO-2021-062 are new rules for anyone staying 1 night or more at any hotel, B&B, short-term rental, hostel, glamping facility, guest houses, tourism villas, condo-hotels and Paradores and Posadas de Puerto Rico. These new rules went into effect 16 August 2021 and will be in effect until further notice.
🏡🚩 For all guests:
* It is a national mandate that all guests must be properly inoculated with any of the three vaccines authorized by the FDA (Janssen (J&J), Moderna or Pfizer) in order to be allowed in the facilities.
* If by any reason the guest can not provide the vaccination card or proper proof of vaccination, the guest is required to provide evidence of a COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of checking in. The negative result must be from a qualified SARS-CoV2 viral test; either a nucleic acid amplification test (“NAAT”) or an antigen test. If the person is staying more than 1 week, they must show a new negative result weekly.
* Guests that fail to present either the proper vaccination proof or the negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of check in, cannot be permitted to remain in the facilities.
⚠️ Administrative Order 2021-512- went into effect July 28, 2021 is still in effect: 😷 Masks are required for everyone (regardless of vaccination status) when in enclosed spaces in public places (except when actively eating/drinking). Patrons in Outdoor Areas: Regardless of vaccination status, all patrons are required to wear a mask in outdoor areas where the safe distancing minimum of 6ft between customers can not be observed.
✈️⚠️ Executive order EO-2021-037, which went into effect 28 May 2021, is still in effect! It requires that all domestic travelers arriving in Puerto Rico are required to submit a travel declaration with contact tracing info, and EITHER proof of vaccination OR proof of a negative COVID-19 test (molecular-based or antigen). If you are arriving from the States and you are fully vaccinated, you do not need a COVID test. If you are un-vaccinated and do not have negative results when you arrive to PR, you have 48 hours to produce those results. Otherwise you will be fined $300 per person. The option to voluntarily quarantine has been removed. See the PR Government Travel Safe — — site for details, and to submit your contact tracing information*

Last Updated 10/17/21