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By lin

Well, here we are 3 months out of Maria… and little by little at the traditional island-time pace, we’re getting there 🙂

Believe me when I say that EVERY resident, property owner, business on this island was negatively affected by this hurricane.  We have all suffered some loss or damage, whether it be to our property, our finances or our sanity, or (more than likely) all of the above… but, for those of us still here, we’re determined to survive and we’re working hard to make this island even better than it was before.

Many of our vacation homes are available and ready for your island getaway!  So, check out our website, call or email for your perfect (almost perfect) vacation digs and here’s the latest status of some of our issues:

Communications are a little more reliable- I still find myself chasing a signal but at least there is usually a signal to chase now!

Water has been flowing from our faucets without interruption for a few weeks now (for most of us…sorry, Los Chivos, I know it’s still touchy up there!)

Electricity, well, no, the island does not have electricity but it is being restored via generator power and Isabel II is all lit up with work being done to move it across the entire island.

Beaches, through the monumental efforts of groups and of independent individuals, are being cleaned… it will take awhile for some of the beach vegetation to be back to its pre-hurricane glory but the sand is still sandy and when you look out toward the beautiful blue ocean waters, you’d never know a hurricane blew through!  Sun Bay, Media Luna and Navio are now accessible.  The Wildlife Refuge is expected to reopen in the next few weeks.  Playa Negra is now wider than it was before the storm.

It has been awesome to see our plants and trees coming back to life.  The iguanas are much happier- they were very confused by the lack of height and leaves.  The horses are still roaming, offering their landscape and fertilization services in the rehab efforts 🙂  The roosters are crowing and the coquis are singing their sweet song.

Our businesses are trying to reopen and keep the economy rolling –  many have already opened but we need our visitors back so that more can and so that those who have can stay open!

All of you who have been here and know the beauty and magic of this island, that beauty and magic is still here… please consider coming back and supporting Vieques in her time of need!  Those of you who haven’t been here- this is your chance for a true off-the-grid island adventure on one of the most enchanting islands on Earth!

Peace Love & Happiness to all 🙂



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