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Brokers and the Law

Licensed Real Estate people are just that . . . LICENSED by the PR Government (Law 10) to do Real Estate business in Puerto Rico.
This is for your protection, the protection of both Buyers and Sellers.  We are held to an ethical standard and we do the very best we can to have EVERY client walk through and away from every transaction with Rainbow Realty as totally satisfied and happy clients.   This is our Goal!  We go the extra mile in helping with financing resources, property caretakers, construction referrals, tax issues, utilities, registering untitled properties with the local government, and so on . . .

  • we are available throughout the process and afterwards . . .
  • we prefer a continued relationship with our buyers, particularly those who intend to rent either long term, seasonal or weekly. . .
  • after all, we are also a RENTAL Agency.

Traditionally and for the most part, real estate professionals are compensated by the SELLER, but have a fiduciary responsibility to both Sellers and Buyers—this is designed by law.  Many of the brokerages do co-broke and work with each other as a service to both Buyers and Sellers.  Rainbow Realty prides itself on being able to access any/all properties listed and also will pursue FSBO’s where appropriate.  There are a number of “kitchen table brokers” passing themselves off as Real Estate Agents without the benefit of licenses issued by the governing agencies of PR . . . watch out!!!!  ASK to see a RE license if you are doubtful . . . particularly if there is NO office, advertising, etc.   We suggest you ask around about whoever you are intending to work with . . . you WILL get the scoop . . . good and bad.

Last Updated 10/19/10

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