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Posted 10/19/2010 | Tagged , , in Realty Reality

There are a number of contractors on island.  We suggest you meet with 2 or 3 to get estimates, details about their services, prices etc.  It is always good to compare and decide from there.  We like EDK , and Claritza (owns Maritza’s Car Rental), Barry Miller, and Cheo Molina.  A whole lot of the process depends on what you want done, what services you want, and the price you are willing to pay . . .
There are currently a couple ads in the Vieques Events for surveyors/engineers.
ARPE, replaced by OGPE,  is the government agency regulating permits for use and construction, new utilities, etc.
CRIM is the acronym for the Tax Man/Hacienda . . . property taxes division.
Dept of Natural Resources often has to be called in before excavating can be done especially along the waterfront, but there are also historical burial sites here . . .
US Fish and Wildlife Service/Dept of the Interior/US Government controls the entire East end as well as the far West end.  Around the old military pier, there are 4000 acres now belonging to the municipality.

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