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on real estate market

real estate market


    THREE new shows will debut in January 2019!….

Legal Stuff, Closings & Inheritance

In order to be a Notary here, you must be a lawyer.

Brokers and the Law

Licensed Real Estate people are just that . . . LICENSED by the PR Government (Law 10) to do Real Estate business in Puerto Rico.


Sure, we have some. Petty theft tends to be directed at the tourist.

Titled vs “Untitled” (Un-Registered Title)

Title, a piece of paper that can be registered with the Property Registry allowing you and others the ability to lien or mortgage the property, IS NOT available on all property in Vieques.

Financing & Mortgaging

Titled property can be financed with a local institution. Stateside banks DO NOT finance here.

Taxes, Licenses, Insurance & Utilities

Taxes, one of life’s certainties . . .


Owning Real Estate in the Caribbean is a dream of many, but the reality of small island life is not for everyone.