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From our most recent “deal”…We wanted a finished product, oceanfront and the least amount of renovations….
The list seemed long and the search a bit daunting given what we wanted to
purchase.  Three years later, we found ourselves in Vieques, for yet another
trip to find our perfect home.  Lin and Gustavo always greeted us with great
professionalism and enthusiasm.  They were certain that the right house would
come up.  Though our hopes faltered at times, theirs never did.  We did come to
a point where we thought we would have to settle and consider tradeoffs.  But
they were so attuned to our needs and desires that they saw something in us we
didn’t even realize was there. Just before we were about to put in an offer on
something that appeared to almost fit the bill, Rainbow let us know about a
parcel of land that they thought would fit us very well.  We hesitated.  After
all, it was up in the mountains (not near the Ocean), a large lot of land, and
essentially two shells.  How would this ever be the right place for us?  Well–
we found ourselves driving there, and the rest is history.  We fell in love with
the location, with the slope of the land, and of course, with the outstanding
view of the Reserve.

We want to thank Rainbow for all they have done
for us.  We believe that their strongest suit as agents is their ability to
really get to know their clients.  They accompany clients through what can often
be a long and tiresome journey, and suggest properties that will fit the bill
because they truly know their clients– often before clients understand what
would fit the budget, the time frame and the lifestyle they are pursuing in this
piece of paradise.
We could not have done it without them.
Thanks again!
Forever grateful, Dave and Art

…this is what makes what we do…worth doing……and why we do things… the way we do ….THANKS GUYS! …you are a pleasure and soon to be our new neighbors! Can’t wait!!!

Last Updated 07/15/14